How To Overcome Computer Lag

On this occasion, I will share brief tips on How to Overcome Laptop and Computer Lemot. Laptop most definitely has a cause, therefore I will share the causes and methods of overcoming such slow laptop. To overcome this, please refer to site and the following short method.

  1. The existence of viruses that go into your laptop

A virus is one of the files that is considered to be considered in a technology device, especially on laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets. A virus can enter the laptop in various ways, can be from the transfer of one computer to another computer, can be from the Internet, Flashdisk, Smartphone, and others.

  1. Clean Temporary Files Regularly

Temporary files or cache files actually help users (Users) in opening the app and running it. Temporary cache files that accumulate on your laptop’s C Drive. But you should know more and more temporary files will be bad for a computer system. Not even faster, but of course this file could be a laptop seemed slow, lag, stuck, and others. Hopefully if coupled with the search history on the internet that very much then, of course, there will be more and more that exist on the Laptop.

  1. Uninstall Unnecessary Application Programs

Programs that are laptops or that you never use. The point is for what you install an application that you will never end up using. Like for example Game on Windows that you never use and even not important then delete you this game so there is a lot of free space on Drive C on your laptop.

Already a lot of free space, by removing the application program, your memory needs are also reduced. That’s necessary for other applications that are much more important as an example. Application to create a document or application photoshop as image editor software.

  1. Problem On Your Laptop Hard Drive

A hard drive is a very important and most important storage media for a computer or laptop. All data is stored on a hard drive like the Operating System complete with its programs, documents, videos, music, applications and more. All our data must be stored on a hard drive.

There are some problems that occur on the hard disk and this is it. How to hard disk and halvah. How to hard drive and a hard drive is bad, harddisk that has long so that its rpm decreased, and hard drive error / bad sector. This may not be known to all Laptop users.

  1. Clean Laptop Inside

The inside of a clean and well-maintained laptop would be much better and faster in charging data than a dusty deep laptop. In order for the user, you are required to clean the Laptop itself from dust – attached dust. the dust content causes the air circulation in the laptop to be bad and the impact of heat generated by the laptop cannot be streamed out properly.

  1. Upgrade your Laptop RAM

RAM is a small size, of course, the program or laptop performance is less than optimal. Especially if the data you process is very large and the work you do is quite heavy of course requires a large enough RAM consumption. The best way to make the performance of the laptop can be faster by upgrading the RAM with a larger capacity can 2GB or 4GB. RAM with a larger capacity would be more satisfying and faster in processing the data.

  1. Upgrade Operating System

For more optimal results you can also update on emergency data recovery service. As for example if you are using Windows 7 then you can update and use Windows 8. By doing so, of course, your laptop would be much lighter because it is Windows 8 is designed with a lightweight operating system.

  1. Reinstall Operating System

If you do not want to upgrade, you can also do Re-Install. Reinstall is the best solution to overcome Laptop error or Loss. This method also includes the most powerful way because your laptop will feel lighter and like new again. But before re-install, make sure you have backup all data on your Laptop. Or if not, you can be careful when editing and erasing the Operating System later.